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Mids and Seniors: The 10-Hour Program

Nicola Tarry offers a 10-hour dance tuition program, split into two class groups:

Mids: age 7 years plus, and

Seniors: age 13 years plus. 

The entry process is via trial class or one-to-one audition with Nicola.

Places are limited. 

Vocational 1 Class

Mids: The 10-Hour Program

10-Hour Program, Ages 7 to 12 years inclusive.

Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm until 8pm, and Saturdays 10am until 1.30pm during term-time.

Nicola has developed a 10-hour program based on the fundamentals of ballet, with a focus on posture, turn-out, correct alignment, articulation of feet, and strength in the abdominals, glutes and back.

The classes are key to ensuring that students are prepared to enter vocational schools aged 11 or 12, and there is an emphasis on nurturing young talent.

Strengthening and conditioning the correct muscles allows classical training to begin.  All aspects of class are taught developing adage, pirouettes and allegro. Pointe-work is introduced slowly and carefully.

Discipline is key but is developed in a nurturing and lively way. There are also elements of creativity and acting; with the classes designed to inspire and nurture a real love of dance and performance.

Vocational 2 Class

Seniors: The 10-Hour Program

10-Hour Program, age 13 Years plus

In Seniors, contemporary dance is introduced into the 10-hour dance-tuition program. 

The world of ballet has changed dramatically, and students need to discover different ways of moving.

The Seniors classes have more focus on extensions and on picking up choreography quickly; all while continuing to use correct alignment and to progress the students' technique.  The classes are much more intense: so that students develop stamina.

The students learn a vast vocabulary of steps, and are expected to be highly disciplined and self-motivated in order to achieve a place at a vocational dance school either in year 10 or year 12.


Seniors: Extra Ballet Options

Extra Mondays: an optional extra.

As an extra, Seniors can sign up to an extra 5pm til 8pm session of ballet and body-conditioning on Monday nights.

Vocational 2 Class

Mids and Seniors:


Provisionally 2024-2025

Term-Dates are as follow but are subject to change at the discretion of the Principal:

Provisional dates for 2024-2025

Winter Term 2024: Key Dates

Monday 9 September 2024: term starts.​

Saturday 19 October 2024 to Friday 25 October 2024 (inclusive): no dance, half-term.

Friday 6 December 2024: last day of term.

Spring Term 2025: Key Dates

Saturday 4 January 2025: term starts 

Saturday 15 February 2025 to Sunday 23 February 2025 (inclusive): possible dates for RTWDF (Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival).  There will be rehearsals and festival attendance but no normal lessons and, for the purposes of payments and/or notice, this week counts as half-term.

Monday 24 February 2025: no dance

Tuesday 25 February 2025: no dance

Friday 4 April 2025: last day of term.

(Note: Easter Sunday 20 April 2025)

Summer Term 2025: Key Dates

Tuesday 22 April 2025: term starts

Monday 5 May 2025: no dance (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 6 May 2025: Mids join Seniors for class from 5pm until 8pm.

Saturday 24 May 2025 to Sunday 1 June 2025 (inclusive): no dance, half-term. 

Sunday 29 June 2025: possible all-day show rehearsals TBC

Saturday 5 July 2025: possibly no dance TBC

Sunday 6 July 2025: possibly end-of-year-show TBC

Saturday 12 July 2025: last day of term.


Mids and Seniors Notice Provisions

Half-A-Term’s Notice Required

Half-a-term’s notice must be given and paid for if lessons are to be discontinued.
Lessons missed by dancers will not be deducted from the bill.


Mids and Seniors Registration Fee

£240 (£200 plus £40 VAT)

​A non-refundable registration fee of £240 (£200 plus £40 VAT) is required to secure a place. This will be used as credit against the first fees payment.


Mids and Seniors Uniform

New uniform from September 2024


Nicola Tarry tracksuit top.

Wear Moi Galate leotard in Sky.

Convertible tights.


Nicola Tarry tracksuit top.

Wear Moi Galate leotard in Navy

Bloch contemporary socks.

Convertible tights. 

These are available from the Planet Dance website with a discount for Nicola Tarry students (please ask Admin for the discount code).

Mids and Seniors: The 10-Hour Program: Classes, Entry and Term-Dates
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