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Our Patron, Edward Watson MBE

Edward Watson MBE

Edward Watson MBE is a phenomenal dancer, who trained at The Royal Ballet School, before graduating into The Royal Ballet in 1994.  In 2005, Edward was promoted to Principal at The Royal Ballet, a position which he held for 15 years.  In 2020, he joined the school's team of coaches as a Repetiteur.

Edward is a huge inspiration to so many dancers. He has the ability to take on a character and to convey in full the inner workings of their mind and soul through dance.  He gives himself totally to the character and is unafraid in so-doing. He has displayed great versatility throughout his dance career, taking on the choreography of greats throughout the ages, such as Sir Kenneth Macmillan, Sir Frederick Ashton, Wayne McGregor CBE, Christopher Wheeldon and Arthur Pita. He gives dancers the courage to challenge themselves and to push the boundaries of dance.    

We are enormously honoured to have Edward Watson MBE as our patron.

Our Patron, Edward Watson MBE: Our Staff
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