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Our Principal

Nicola Tarry


Nicola was born in Dartford; she trained for many years as an elite gymnast and discovered a love of ballet at the age of 13.

At age 16 Nicola joined The Royal Ballet School; she then trained there until her graduation.  

Professionally, Nicola danced with The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet; she also toured extensively throughout Europe with Wiener Ballet Theatre.

As life progressed, Nicola discovered a passion for teaching, and worked her way to become Head of Dance at The Centre Performing Arts College. Under her guidance, The Centre PAC students were

extremely successful, and many have gone on to have incredible careers in all aspects of theatre.

Given her background in (and passion for) both ballet and teaching, it was only a matter of time (2017) before Nicola opened her own dance school aimed at helping aspiring classical dancers to achieve their aim.

Students have travelled from the USA and Japan to be taught by Nicola and to experience her approach to coaching young aspiring dancers.  

Many students who have trained with Nicola are now in leading vocational dance-schools.

Nicola takes an individual approach to her students.  She takes the time to understand who they are and how they work, and she genuinely wants the best for each and every student.

Nicola Tarry with Student
Our Principal: Our Principal
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