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Vocationals: The 20-Hour Program

Nicola Tarry offers a 20-hour program of dance-tuition during weekday daytime to those in Year 8 and above.

The entry process is via trial class with Nicola.

Places are limited. 

Nicola does not offer home-schooling, but can recommend the use of a home-schooling room in which Nicola Tarry dancers can home-study together.

The home-schooling room is independent from Nicola, and runs Tuesday and Wednesday 9am til 12 noon.  It is within walking distance of the studio.  Please ask Admin for details.

Nicola can also recommend home-stay options if necessary.  


Vocationals: Class-Times

September 2024 Class-Times

From September 2024, class-times will be as follow.  They are broadly the same for now.

Dance-tuition as follows:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12.30pm til 4pm

Thursdays 9am til 5pm

Fridays 9am til 4pm

during term-time.

On half-days, dancers are encouraged to arrive early (from 12 noon) to eat their packed lunches together. 


Vocationals: Ethos

Longer hours and regular top-tier guest teachers.

Daytime weekday dance-training, which works alongside dancers’ own home-schooling.

20 hours of dance-tuition with Nicola and world-renowned guest teachers, fitness experts and physios.

Dance-tuition takes place during weekday daytimes, working alongside dancers’ own homeschooling.

Classical ballet, body-conditioning, stamina and performance is the focus, but there is work too in contemporary dance, modern, creative and improvisation. 

Nicola takes the time to really find what works for each individual dancer, in order to give them the best possible chance of a dance career.

The dancers are expected to be driven, highly disciplined and self-motivated in order to gain a place at a vocational dance school either in year 10 or year 12, and/or to pursue a dance career.


Vocationals: Registration Fee

£480 (£400 plus £80 VAT)

A non-refundable registration fee of £480 (£400 plus £80 VAT) is required to secure a place. This will be used as credit against the first fees payment.


Vocationals: Term-Dates



Provisionally 2024-2025

Term-Dates are as follow but are subject to change at the discretion of the Principal:

Provisional dates for 2024-2025

Winter Term 2024: Key Dates

Tuesday 10 September 2024: term starts.​

Saturday 19 October 2024 to Monday 28 October 2024 (inclusive): no dance, half-term.

Friday 6 December 2024: last day of term.

Spring Term 2025: Key Dates

Tuesday 7 January 2025: term starts 

Saturday 15 February 2025 to Tuesday 25 February 2025 (inclusive): half-term, no dance. 

Elite will participate in RTWDF (Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival).  There will be rehearsals and festival attendance but no normal lessons and, for the purposes of payments and/or notice, this week counts as half-term.

Friday 4 April 2025: last day of term.

(Note: Easter Sunday 20 April 2025)

Summer Term 2025: Key Dates

Tuesday 22 April 2025: term starts

Saturday 24 May 2025 to Monday 2 June 2025 (inclusive): no dance, half-term. 

Sunday 29 June 2025: possible all-day show rehearsals TBC

Saturday 5 July 2025: possibly no dance TBC

Sunday 6 July 2025: possibly end-of-year-show TBC

Friday 11 July 2025: last day of term.


Vocationals: Notice 

One Full Term’s Notice Required

One full term's notice is required must be given and paid for if lessons are to be discontinued.
Lessons missed by dancers will not be deducted from the bill.


Vocationals: Uniform

Uniform from September 2024

From September 2024, the uniform will be:

Nicola Tarry tracksuit top

Wear Moi Galate leotard in Burgundy for everyday class

Wear Moi Candide leotard in Burgundy for guest-teacher class

Bloch contemporary socks

Convertible tights

All available from the Planet Dance website with a Nicola Tarry student discount (please ask Admin for the code)

Vocationals: The 20-Hour Program: Classes, Entry and Term-Dates
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